What is PunkkaNet for?

I made this website when I decided to make my other computer a 24/7 server.
It is meant to serve as a platform to test various web applications and serve as a homesite
for future projects as well as work as a personal hub for self hosted cloudservices.
Below I have listed some things to look out for.

  • Coding
  • Coding
  • Cloud
  • Coffee

- the pushing force of life

On PunkkaNet you will find an ever growing section of professionally handpicked memes. Revisit your favorite maymays or find some new ones by scrolling throught the vast archives of PunkkaNet Meme Browser.

Original Content
- Wait what, really?

While they do come often in form of memes, especially Gondolas, you will never know what you will bump into while visiting PunkkaNet. Maybe you will run into something no living eye was meant to be seen. Who knows.

Bad web design


Some specs and brag of my current setup

Here's a rather exhaustive inforgraph I made of the whole thing.
If you only care about the numbers I put some below

  • Server

    1 Gbps connection
    12 GB RAM
    i7-960 @4,2 GHz
    Quaddro 200
    120GB SSD, 5TB HDD
    Ubuntu Server 14.04

  • Main PC

    i7-6700K @4,6 GHz
    16 GB RAM
    GTX 1080
    256 GB 950 M.2 SSD
    4 TB HDD
    1 Gbps Connection

My latest project: