Here are some of stupid things
I've spent my time on.

Alternate Reality ES

Your own virtual ES! Just print out this tag


With the power of machine learning, Keras and Tensorflow. Eino Leino has been reviwed as an Artificial intelligence! almost. Link's directly to source.


Simple shoutbox made with a certain other messaging software in mind. First project with SQL.

Self playing robot Guitar

An usb connected guitar that plays any midi. Done in a group of four. Did the electronics and part of the code.

Visual Trainer Development Platform, a prototype for a company.

Still classified


A simple days left countdown for army. First touch with PHP.


Es cans spawned with natural fibonacci algorithms for a psychedelic experience. The site is so rough on the browser this can be used as a benchmark.

Discord bots

Active on a 1000 user server


Messing around with WebGl

Intti 360°

Took several photospheres while in the army. Needed something to show them with.

Nerdy Art

CSS to rescue!

LoL R3D-Logfile analyzer

Done with python, code too ugly to share